Ajay Fry

Remember that spikey haired blonde guy from YTV? No not the guy from Radio High. Ajay! From CRUNCH back in 2006! Well, after two successful years he blasted off to SPACE where he’s been in orbit co-hosting INNERSPACE, numerous specials, after shows (including After the Black, the official Orphan Black after show), and live events ever since.

Since beginning his tenure at Space, Ajay has made appearances in the web-series CAPTAIN CANUCK and GUIDESTONES, appeared on the Space original series BITTEN, and has worked with XBOX, NINTENDO, and a number of other clients.

Travelling all over the world for INNERSPACE, Ajay has interviewed countless stars, including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, creators like Neil Gaiman, Robert Munsch, Brian Fuller as well as inspiring innovators like Natalie Panek, Tony Hawk and Commander Chris Hadfield.

In his free time, Ajay creates content for his YouTube channels (AJAYFRY & 5ONFRY) where he shares his unique, comedic creations and world view. His latest series, KNOW JOKE explores the intersection of knowledge and comedy.

When Ajay’s not working on a creative project he can most likely be found gaming and live streaming at Twitch!