YetiCon’s “Yeti of the Year” Art Contest Returns!

2018’s Winning Artwork by YouAreReadingThis!

This Year’s theme: Summer Fun!

To Participate: Draw some adventurous Yetis using the YetiCon Yetis or your own design that fits the theme of “summer fun”! Yetis come in all shapes and sizes, so feel free to share whatever Yeti designs your imagination can come up with!

Any image dimension will be accepted, but it is recommended that artwork be rectangular for the best fit! Otherwise we may have to crop your image to fit it within Facebook's banner dimensions. To enter, email your submissions to and make sure to include your name, your artist name, and if you'd like to remain anonymous.

Prizes: The Yetis themselves will be sorting through all submissions, and the one they like the most will be featured as our Facebook banner! The chosen artist will also win two free full weekend passes to YetiCon 2019! Additionally, Honourable Mentions have the chance to win their own weekend pass, and will be shared on on YetiCon’s social media. All art will be properly accredited to the artists (unless you'd prefer to remain anonymous!).

Send your art to before January 1st, 2019 to enter!