DJ DAVIDE FERRARA (Paradox Sounds/Kawaii Bass)

With his razor sharp mixing, expansive music knowledge and his domineering stage presence, DJ Davide has solidified himself as not only a DJing powerhouse, but also as Canada's finest Makina DJ and producer. Signed to Paradox Sounds, he has recently released his Vidya EP to heralding acclaim, with some of his music being featured in the sets of some of the world's finest Makina DJs. His sets are of comprised masterfully selected tunes brimming with unstoppable energy that will have you bouncing off the walls and grooving to the beat! Drawing from his arsenal - one of the biggest vinyl collections in the city - and fuelled by his unshakable passion for Tokusatsu and Sci-Fi: get ready to roll 'em out and stack 'em HIGH!

You can listen to and learn more about DJ Davide at his Soundcloud, and Facebook, or check out his newest EP!