Kay of Elysiam Entertainment

Kay is an American photographer based out of Washington, DC and founder of Elysiam Entertainment in 2012. His work has been consistently sought out by a number of prominent clients, including Bozzelli, Yaya Han, Blizzard Entertainment, The Discovery Network, Newsweek, Filthy Casual, and Kotaku among others.  He has also captured the most recognized talent in cosplay, including Vampy Bit Me, Jessica Nigri, Jinri Park, and Bill & Brittany Doran. His work is regularly seen in magazines and nerd culture blogs. 

Entering the scene of cosplay allowed him to rapidly accelerate growth through experimentation.  This combined with a fearless demeanor to push limits allowed him to break through many barriers, for both photography & the entire Cosplay scene. The inspiration was to spark a dynamic transformation in imagery for cosplayers that would change the scene forever.

Aside from photography, Kay is a fan of World of Warcraft, Sci-fi, and Music Production. Some of his current clients are a part of SyFy productions, Heroes of Cosplay, FaceOff and the latest Cosplay Melee. Kay is inspired by many forms of art including music, writing, and cinema. He visualizes being art itself, and within his soul there are many doors that lead to many places.

Click below to view some of Kay's amazing photography, or see more at his website.