Sharpen up your Smash skills, cause it's back, and this time it's super sized! Game On Entertainment Services will be running our Smash for WiiU tournament: The Amiibo Rumble! We've spent the year collecting more than just your run-of-the-mill amiibo, winners will have first grabs at the elusive Golden Mario, Zelda, and Fire Emblem amiibo we've collected!

After tallying it up, we've assembled a prize pool of more than fifty amiibo, currently valued at more than a thousand dollars to smash over! You'll have to use your own skills to win these amiibo, but place anywhere from 7th and above in singles, or 5th and above in doubles and you'll be taking some home with you!

All you'll need is your YetiCon pass to enter, there's no other buy in. Singles tournament will begin at 1:00PM Saturday, so be sure to sign up with Game on Entertainment Services before 12:30! Doubles tournament will take place on 1:00PM Sunday, with sign ups again taking place beforehand.