Henchmen Studios

Henchmen Studios is an industry leading creative studio based in Toronto, Ontario. Established in 2013 by Jordan Duncan, the team at Henchmen has built a reputation for excellence with leaders in the video game, entertainment, and film industries. Largely recognized for their work in bringing video game characters to life, they regularly partner with companies & brands like Blizzard, Square Enix, Bioware, EA Games, Sony, Activision, Legendary Ent., Nickelodeon, Bungie, and many others.

From humble beginnings as independent creators, Henchmen Studios has made the transition into a full-service, professional, creative studio - building everything from costumes & creatures, to props, replicas, displays, sets, and more. The team has grown to include dozens of artists who contribute to their projects, all driven towards the goal of making industry-leading creative works that fosters impactful experiences for individuals around the world.