Kuja Onii-san

Yuri is a male Canadian cosplayer that started around the year 2010, going by the name Kuja Onii-san. He has been cosplaying mostly Square Enix game characters because of the amazing stories that surround the characters and the memorable feels that come with them. The beautiful animation and the character designs are also very appealing to him.

For those who are not familiar with him, he has been known for cosplaying Vincent Valentine, Kuja, Noctis, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth and Griffith. He has been featured many times in Kotaku and in Cosplay Gen magazines.

While building the character outfits, he tries his best to replicate them as accurate as he can through many hours of detailed crafting, sculpting work and lengthy make-up sessions with elaborate contouring techniques. It’s a fun challenge for him to build his cosplays from scratch and it turns out to be a very satisfying process. Each of his cosplays are self-made together with Lady Zero, as they enjoy working as a team and helping each other.

You are very welcome to approach him in-person or on social media. He would love to meet and interact with you. He loves making people smile and making them feel happier. He is open-minded about every way to cosplay and enjoys spreading positivity. For those who know him already, or those just meeting him, this is an exclusive opportunity to finally see him in-person! He is happy and grateful for the time you give him.

To see more check out Kuja’s Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, or Twitter.