Lady Zero

Lady Zero or “LZ” is a female cosplayer who moved from Poland to live in Canada. Her big love of Final Fantasy pointed her way to cosplay - and since 2009 she has cosplayed the characters that she loves the most! She is passionate with details, and while it takes a long time to accomplish every one of them, she enjoys the whole process.

She has cosplayed known characters such as Lunafreya, Aerith, Tifa, Aya Brea, Ada Wong, Lady Zero and Lightning. She has been featured in various cosplay magazines, and was awarded for winning masquerades in Poland.

As a team with Kuja Onii-san, she works together with him on everything: the costumes, the make up, accessories, wig styling, weapons, armors and photography. She puts her heart in every piece she builds. She uses good quality material to create the outfits, so that they are more durable. She cosplays mostly from video games, especially Square-Enix ones, as she feels great connection with the ones she chooses while she is playing through the games. She can’t resist how beautifully made those games are, and cried at every ending. She is a kind-hearted lady who is very easy to approach and generous; like a tiny princess. Come hug her, don’t be shy! She will be really excited to meet you.

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