If you need a breather from the adventure outdoors, drop by the OMG Tabletop Games Zone!

OMG Games is Central Ontario's best place to play Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Warmachine, Heroclix, Board Games, & RPG's, and they'll have a Game Zone setup in our dealers room with free tabletop gaming for you to enjoy! If you end up playing a game you just fall in love with, OMG Games will also have lots for sale so that you can try before you buy!

OMG Games will also be hosting a Magic: The Gathering Tournament!

Whether you're a beginner or veteran Magic player this tournament is open to all! Free to enter and using only pre-made decks supplied by OMG Games, you'll have to use skill to utilize the hand you're dealt! Drop by the OMG Game Zone in the exhibitor's room over the weekend to pre-register, the tournament will take place Sunday at noon! Winners will be taking home cards to start or add to their collection!

OMG Games will be teaching any newcomers who want to learn the ropes of Magic: The Gathering prior to Sunday's tournament, so it is truly open to anyone!