Panel submissions for YetiCon 2019 will open January!

Please keep the following rules and info in mind:

  • Minimum age for hosts is 16.

  • Hosts cannot sell merchandise at their panel.

  • Host must state if the panel or activity is for an 18+ audience.

  • Panels and activities using the Village Conference Centre rooms run for a minimum of one (1) hour. This includes time for set up and tear down: the last ten minutes of the hour will be used to empty the room before the next panel or activity begins.

  • If you need more time for your panel, let us know!

  • Access to a projector is available upon request, but hosts are expected to bring their own computer with HDMI output to display content.

  • YetiCon does not provide hosts with access to the resort’s wifi. Please download what you need to display your content beforehand!

  • Although co-hosts are welcome, only the lead host of the panel or activity will be eligible for a partial refund on their pass.

  • Featured Panelists (limited space available) will receive a full refund on their pass.

  • Hosts must have purchased their YetiCon pass on Eventbrite in order to be considered eligible candidates for selection.