Star Pyrate

Star Pyrate is an illustrator, character designer, comic artist, and sticker fiend, born and raised in the Bahamas. As a self-proclaimed art mercenary she has lent her talents to creatives such as Jessica Nigri, the Game Grumps, Matt McMuscles, Meg Turney, Sanshee, Team Four Star, and many more. Her hobbies include lolita fashion, cosplay, Twitch creative streaming, and all things Dungeons & Dragons; proving that there is, in fact, no rest for the wicked.

Recently, she rebooted her webcomic, Welcome Mats, in late 2018, too impatient to wait til the new year to start new things. Some of her favorite things include Guilty Gear, Kemonomimi, Monster Girls/Boys, and Hatsune Miku (for whom she is a devoted acolyte and die-hard fangirl).

To see more of Star Pyrate’s (previously known as StarExorcist) great work check out her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Website!