Fifteen years ago the ancient seals were broken and spirits of madness and chaos were unleashed upon the convention scene, bringing delight to congoers and eliciting the groans of convention staff. And we’ve been grateful for every moment.

We are the 404s, Canada’s Finest if not Weirdest Geek Improv Troup. We’ve performed across the whole of Canada and in the United States including Anime North, The Calgary Expo and many more. We’ve achieved this through our famous “Whose Line” inspired short form improv show, but also our head to head league format show pitting improv teams against one another as well as our “Missing Episodes”. Throughout our fifteen year journey we’ve shown time and time again that we put our hearts behind each one of our performances so that the audience is entertained no matter the age or the fandom.

You'll be able to catch The 404s four times over the weekend, twice on Saturday, and twice on Sunday, with a mix of both all ages and 18+ events!

Check out The 404s' website for more info about them and other details!