Underworld LARP will be joining YetiCon 2019, and bringing multiple panels and activities for you to experience!

Underworld is a fantasy & horror, medieval, live roleplaying system. Its complex and intelligent rules allow for broad character development including aspects of race, culture, socio-economic background, and faith. It offers the ultimate interactive storytelling experience and can appeal to people who like video games, tabletop gaming like Dungeons & Dragons, improvisational theatre, outdoor activities like camping or hiking, and countless other hobbies.

Not for the faint of heart, the Underworld LARP has a minimum age restriction of 18 years of age. Underworld prides itself on a wide variety of plot: serious plotlines that rival those of your favourite television shows, hilarious adventures (and misadventures), some of the most genuinely intense experience you’ll ever encounter, and an incredible cast of characters that delivers the most amazing storytelling experiences you could possibly imagine.

Underworld prides itself on its diversity and encourages a great time and an educational environment where people from all walks of life can interact and learn from and about each other.

Be sure to experience Underworld LARP at their exciting activities and panels over YetiCon weekend!