And ANYONE can enter! YetiCon exists so people can relax and have fun, and while we have nothing but respect for formal cosplay competitions, we decided they weren't laid back enough for YetiCon. That's why, instead of a formal masquerade, we've applied over $3000 in prizes to the Cosplay Hall Awards! Winners will receive both a YetiCon 2020 Weekend Pass, as well as other special YetiCon memorabilia/prizes.

So show up in cosplay and be prepared to receive an award, weekend pass, and gift from The Yetis. We're divvying up the prize pool 40 ways, to show as much appreciation for the hard work you put into your cosplays as possible! There is no registration, you just need a YetiCon pass, and our judges will be on the lookout all weekend!

And if you still want to show off your hard work on stage, we'll be having an unjudged open Cosplay Showcase event where you can strut your stuff!