Our Mission: Create a safe, respectful, accepting environment for attendees.


Weapons Policies

YetiCon requires attendees to observe all Ontario laws regarding replica firearms and weaponry. To ensure safety, ALL cosplay props resembling firearms MUST have a distinct marker that visibly identifies it as a prop (such as an orange tip, or a proportion larger than real weapons).

Any individually carrying props that appear dangerous, or could potentially be viewed as a threat by attendees, staff, or the general public, may be asked to store their prop in their hotel room or car.

PLEASE NOTE: Blue Mountain security does patrol both The Village and The Village Conference Centre. Blue Mountain security's decisions about props supersedes any prop decisions made by YetiCon staff. Should Blue Mountain security ask you to store your prop in your hotel room or car please do so.

Harassment Policies
(Or: Tips on being a Cool Dude)

Cosplay is not consent.

Don't touch anyone without verbal consent.

Don't touch any costume or part of any costume without verbal consent.

Don't glomp or hug without verbal consent.

Don't express negativity to others based on their cosplay or attire.

Any attendee that commits acts that fall within the realm of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault will have their convention pass revoked, followed by possible legal prosecution.  

Costume and Cosplay Policies

Revealing outfits of a near-nude nature will be accepted at the discretion of the con staff. Public indecency is against the law.

Attendees may be asked to remove disturbing or offensive costume elements or props.

General Policies

If you, as a con goer, feel unsafe at anytime, please speak with YetiCon staff or security.

YetiCon does not support any activities that go against Ontario Provincial law, or Canadian Federal law.

YetiCon supports an all inclusive environment regardless of gender identity, personal beliefs and ethnicity.

YetiCon staff reserve the right to revoke the con passes of any offenders of these policies.

We ask that you do not bring any pets to the conference centre. Service animals are welcome everywhere, as stated by Ontario law.

Ontario law forbids the consumption of alcohol in public areas. However, there are several designated areas and bars that allow for drinking in the Village, in addition to the opportunity of consumption in the privacy of one's hotel room.

Any bags, backpacks, or containers may, at any time, be subject to search by security personnel, if deemed necessary.

Blue Mountain Policies

Summer Activity Restrictions & Requirements

Exclusion of Liability