Panel Submissions Are Now Closed!
Thank you for all your applications, acceptance emails have been sent, please check your spam folder just in case!

A reminder on panel rules/guidelines:

  • Minimum age for hosts is 16.
  • Hosts cannot sell merchandise.
  • Host must state if the panel/activity is for an 18+ audience.
  • Panels and activities using conference center rooms run for 1 hour, including setup and tear down.
  • Panels start on the hour, but hosts get into the room 10 minutes early to set up and finish 40 minutes after the hour. This grants a 10 minute leeway to empty the room before the next panel sets up. (If you need more time for your panel let us know).
  • A projector is available on request, but you will need to bring your own computer (with HDMI output) to display content.
  • Don't rely on internet availability in panel rooms! Please download what you need to display beforehand!
  • Should we choose to accept your panel or activity, the lead host of the event will be entitled to a partial refund on their pass! (Co-hosts are welcome, but only the lead host gets refunded).
  • Featured Panelists (limited space available) will receive a full weekend pass refund. 

By submitting this application you agree that you have read and agree to YetiCon's Policies.